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  • What exactly does a Postpartum Doula do?
    A Postpartum Doula like myself helps mother and their families during the postpartum period. I am here to provide support by being as much as doing. Beyond practical tasks, I offer a reassuring presence during the transformative postpartum period. Here's how: Emotional Support: Offering a listening ear and a non-judgmental space for new parents to express their feelings and concerns. We build together a safe space. Education: Providing evidence-based information on infant care, feeding, and postpartum recovery. Practical Assistance: Assisting with light household chores, meal preparation, and errands to ensure a smoother transition. Think: picking up the groceries, entertaining your toddler (or caring for the baby for you have 1-1 time with the other family members), walk the dog... Breastfeeding Support: Offering guidance and encouragement for breastfeeding, including positioning and latching techniques. Newborn Care Education: Teaching essential newborn care practices, from diapering and bathing to soothing techniques. Sleep Guidance: Providing tips and strategies to help parents establish healthy sleep routines for both baby and themselves.
  • Do you cook? If so, do you prepare ayurvedic/TCM meals?
    I cook every day for my family and I love it! 😍 My culinary journey includes completing an Ayurvedic workshop during my yoga teacher training in Nepal back in 2016. While I am familiar with Ayurvedic principles and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts, my approach to cooking for families is rooted in practicality and consideration for individual preferences. I believe in creating meals that resonate with the family's taste preferences and cultural background. I find it essential to ensure that the dishes align with what the family is accustomed to enjoying, especially if there's more children! This approach minimizes the chances of culinary surprises and allows me to contribute to a positive and comfortable postpartum experience for everyone. If there are specific dietary preferences or considerations within the family, I am more than happy to discuss and incorporate them into the meal planning. Ultimately, my goal is to provide nourishing and enjoyable meals that cater to the unique needs and tastes of your family.
  • Spricht Du auch Deutsch?
    Wenn ich Deutsch sprechen muss, dann mach ich! 😂 Ich habe momentan B2/C1 Niveau und bin zwar mit einem Deutschen verheiratet. Obwohl das Sprechen mir besonders schwer fällt, bin ich sicher, dass wir eine passende Lösung zusammen finded.
  • Are you also a birth doula?
    Yes, I am. At the moment I am focused on helping mothers and families during the postpartum period but if you would like my support for your birth send me a message. :)
  • What are your credentials?
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